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What If I Screw Up A Live Webinar And How Do I Recover?

When you run a live webinar, it's only natural to think that you're going to eventually mess up something whether it's the way you kick off the webinar, delivering your webinar pitch or even your presentation – something is going to go wrong. Well, remember, you need to know what's going to happen, be ready for it and use that to make your next webinar even better.

If you think that your first webinar is going to run perfectly, you're wrong. If you think that your first 20 webinars are going to run without any problems, you're also wrong. Things are going to happen. Maybe your Internet connection will die or Go To Webinar will not display your screen correctly. Maybe your PowerPoint won't show up or you will lose your PowerPoint. You might be all ready to demonstrate a site for your viewers only to find out that the site is down for maintenance.

Instead of crossing your fingers, hoping nothing will ever go wrong, no, that things will go wrong. When these things do go wrong, what do you do? Always have some kind of a backup plan.

For example, if I was going to run a webinar showing how to accomplish something on EzineArticles and the site is down, I might instead whip up a PowerPoint or complete all the steps I was going to teach such as writing articles and leave out the component about submitting to EzineArticles. If I was going to interview a guest speaker and that speaker did not show up, I would do the best I could to explain the same materials without that speaker.

Whatever goes wrong on your webinar, keep in mind for next time what went wrong. If it was that your guest speaker did not show up then next time, have a better follow-up sequence to make sure they come to your webinar. If you messed up the technology, go back and rehearse for next time to make sure that your PowerPoint opens properly and that your webinar starts properly. If your problem was with your speaking presentation, rehearse the presentation to make sure you don't trip yourself up.

And that's how your cover for messing up on live webinars. Know it's going to happen, be ready for it and adjust later.

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31. Aug, 2010
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