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Create Your Next Training Session As A Live Webinar

I am not sure if you have heard what a webinar is, but this is a way for people to come to a live event that you present online. In that live event, people hear your voice and see your screen; you could present anything you want and show any image in front of them while they hear your voice at the same time. You should use webinar technology to make your next information product or training course for several reasons.

First of all, it's great because you can get paid for a course before you even make it. Or if you are presenting a course for free, you can gather the audience before you make it and figure out if there is a demand before doing the work. A webinar also has higher perceived value because it's not just training, it is live coaching that you can adjust and adapt based on user feedback, and above all, it is fun to do. Instead of being someone who sits in a corner recording audio and video, you are more like a radio DJ or a TV announcer.

You present something and it goes out live. You do it once, and everyone gets the information immediately. You get paid before you run a webinar because you can only make the information when people show up live. This means that if you are running a four or eight week class, you can schedule the webinar ahead of time and people pay for access to that special link. It's kind of like selling tickets to a live show, but your live show is presented live on the Internet. And if you think you have a great idea for a webinar course and no one buys, then there's no harm done, you don't have to do it.

Or if you do run that webinar, simply run it for the recording, and now it becomes a paid product. And if people do take you up on your offer and join your webinar course, it is going to be a lot more fun. I can't tell you how many times I have presented on a live webinar where questions came in that I never, ever would have thought of. Or, lets say I am focusing on three specific areas in my webinar, and there was more attention and more of a need for me to focus on one of those three points over the others, that is the kind of live feedback I probably would never get just guessing, just presenting in a vacuum. Because presenting in a vacuum really is no fun. You ought to enjoy what you do, whether what you do is audio, videos, or training courses, if you enjoy it, it will feel like fun instead of work. And webinars are fun to do once you get the hang of them, especially if it is on a subject where you are an expert or you simply love it.

To run a webinar right away, because you get paid before you even make it, you can present it as live coaching and charge more, and you in fact get more people in that course, and it is fun to do.

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11. Mar, 2011
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