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"ATTENTION: Anyone Who Wants to
Make More Money Online!"

If You're Sick & Tired of
Putting in Long Hours for Little or No Pay,
You Want an Online Business
That Makes You MORE Money Every Month...

... And You've Been Looking for
The "Ultimate Shortcut" to
Massive Passive Internet Income,
Then You're In the Right Place!

From: Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro
Date: Tuesday, 3:30PM

What if I were to tell you about a way you can make money online that is...

  • Better than a product launch?
  • Faster than product creation?
  • Recession-proof and competition-proof?
  • More profitable than AdSense or Amazon marketing?
  • More sustainable than traffic brokering?
  • More effective than iTunes or Kindle publishing?
  • More reliable than joint ventures?

It's true. For the past several years, I've enjoyed a full-time income using an income system that's unlike anything you've ever seen.

It's the same process that has allowed me to quit my day job forever, buy my dream car, buy a house bigger than my parents', travel around the world, and have ultimate peace of mind about my financial future.

Would you like to do the same? I was lucky enough to "stumble" across a system that worked, that I refined using the process of trial error, and now I'm ready to lay out the exact blueprint for a WEBINAR INCOME SYSTEM for you...

Making Money Online
Is Actually Very Simple!

  • Step 1: Discover the missing link in your marketplace (easy to spot)
  • Step 2: Create a simple ten-slide 1-hour live online event (a webinar)
  • Step 3: Fill that online event with hungry buyers (easy with my system)
  • Step 4: Explain your upcoming 4-week course and collect the sales

Whether you realize it or not, this is the exact formula that the big earners online have been using to rake in big money hand over fist in their sleep...

"Going to Use Webinars to Help People Accomplish Their Health and Fitness Goals"

I really can do this! And people are willing to pay me to talk.

Webinars are easier than I thought, that I can stand out from the crowd by using them in my online business and that people are really interested in what I have to say.

You guys made me aware of various types of webinars and how to use them for different purposes. Also: How to encourage audience participation, and how to employ surveys to get testimonials.

Now, I'm going to start using webinars to make and sell products while giving people information that can cause them to succeed in accomplishing their health and fitness goals. Specifically, I'm going to promote a free webinar to pitch my fitness products... and use the mindmap webinar to gain affiliates by using it as a 100% commission product. Thanks again!

Dr. Debra Tibbitts
Saint David, Arizona, USA

It all sounds good, and chances are you've seen a "product launch" or a "live webinar" firsthand, and thought about doing one yourself... but there are a few huge roadblocks in front of you:

  • Are you SURE you have the technical skills to completely run a webinar?
  • Where are you going to find prospects to register your webinar?
  • How are you going to get those registrants to show up to your online event?
  • Do you know how to present on a webinar without "messing it up?"
  • Do you really know how to get the most number of people who attend to actually buy?

I know these are the kinds of concerns that slowed my initial success, and I'm sure at least some of these things have crossed your mind...

Maybe you spent 3 months or so "researching" the various webinar platforms (fancy term for procrastinating)...

Maybe you planned a 2 month launch (and then became discouraged after asking potential affiliates to promote)

Maybe you began gathering interest for 1 month for your upcoming product, but became bored or tired and switched over to something else...

But I'm Glad You Found This Web Page,
Because There Is An Easier Way:

The "Webinar Crusher" System!

This is the first system of its kind because you don't need a list of subscribers, you don't need an information product (like a book, e-book, or report)...

You don't need high-level joint venture partners and connections, and you don't need to be a speaker in order to make money with live webinars!

All you need is an internet connection, one hour per week (or less), access to a few free or low cost tools... and the ability to explain or demonstrate things as you would to a friend or neighbor.

Inside "Webinar Crusher" you're going to discover not just how to create your own training course out of thin air, fill up a membership site with content, finish that "video course" you've always wanted to make (in one day), but also...

Fill up your mailing list with eager and hungry high-ticket buyers, convert over $20+ EPC per attendee at INSANE conversion rates, and take full advantage of the closest thing I've found to an "ATM machine" on the internet.

"Best Course Ever!"

Lance and Robert,

I can't thank you enough for the Webinar Crusher class.

As you know, in the beginning I was resistant to the idea of taking the course. I very nearly missed out on the best online course I have ever taken. But I decided to give it a chance... and I am so glad I did!

I now have a skill that amplifies and leverages the value I am able to provide to my clients and customers. This has already had a profound effect on my business, and the benefits will continue to compound as I deploy these strategies in more areas of my business: sales, support, marketing, training, coaching... the list goes on and on.

As a quick example of what you've helped me accomplish: I've been working for 2 years on getting a membership site up & going, but for one reason or another I was never able to bring the project to completion. Thanks to you & Webinar Crusher, in just 4 short weeks I: launched a site, created sales content, created membership content, generated testimonials and have paying members! And thanks to the instruction & coaching you provided, that's just the beginning.

Speaking of coaching: it is incredible to me that I was able to go from being terrified of a 20-minute audio interview, to confidently running my own 90-minute webinar (with live audience members) in such a short period of time. This real-world experience made all the difference, and your support & help in overcoming the fear and gaining true confidence is priceless.

What can I say?


With my sincere thanks,

Andy Erickson
Denver, Colorado, USA

Here's what you'll get as part of this online training session (which you can access 24/7 for life):

Module #1:
20-Minute Review Product

Instant Digital Delivery

  • How to get the maximum attendance for "free" webinars and online events
  • The "5 minute prep" strategy for generating an hour of high valued webinar content
  • Dead easy ways to convert existing products into webinars -- even without being the product originator -- including multiple examples of us using this exact technique without fail, every single time
  • How to use the secret "power of seven" formula to whip up the perfect information product out of thin air -- no matter what the topic -- and talk for any length of time about it, with 10 to 15 minutes of preparation, that's it!

"Went Much Easier Than I Expected!"

George Stavrakakis Really appreciate the time and effort both you are putting into this. I have to say the interview went much easier than I had expected (even with you doing most of the talking).

Now I have to go come up with another subject and do a little bit of research for the webinar.

George Stavrakakis
Raleigh, NC

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Module #2:
60-Minute Product Launch

Instant Digital Delivery

  • How to sell from the webinar platform: a six step sales script that has been proven to work over and over again
  • The 3 must-have components for every "webinar" product launch
  • How we use webinars as "high perceived value" bonuses
  • How to sell high ticket webinars for $400 per person or more
  • Basic formula that always converts for us, better than any sales letter, time and time again
  • The exact steps to pre-launch any webinar, including three important points to avoid -- no matter what -- in that pre-launch
  • The optimum amount of times to mail your list before a call: do this too early and you're screwed. Do this too late and you're REALLY screwed

"Will Be Holding Webinars
on A Regular Basis"

After taking this training, I will begin holding webinars on a regular basis, starting with shorter ones to get comfortable and then working my way into full 90 minute webinars.

Now that I learned about the inner workings of a webinar and what actually takes place behind the scenes as it's being recorded... I can build a much better relationship with my clients by speaking live, and interacting with them by using polls, questions, demonstrations, and timers.

Bob Molton
Peoria, Illinois, USA

Module #3:
4-Week Webinar Class

Instant Digital Delivery

I've unlocked the secret formula to going from a "pie in the sky" idea to getting paid for it within 24 hours, even before you've created the product!

  • Access to the four webinar models, including: the monthly membership, high ticket course, product pitch, and affiliate models... including which one to choose
  • Four ways to repeat a class -- and launch even STRONGER the next time with proof, case studies, and testimonials -- at a higher price!
  • Easy ways to run critiques, mini-challenge, and Q&A calls (both free and paid) to enhance any infoproduct, improve participation and charge more for the same amount of time and effort
  • Three braindead formulas to create webinar content using our simple repeatable systems, plus five "styles" of content to use in addition

Module #4:
Evergreen Traffic

Instant Digital Delivery

  • Discover three real-world case studies implementing the day-pass method, six-step pitch method, and pre-recorded affiliate promotion which have brought us in at least five figures from EACH webinar!
  • Confidential techniques to quickly win over participants in seconds, keep them entertained using hidden "spy tools" and the exact unusual steps to pitch viewers, without them even realizing!
  • Tie into the hidden power of Google+, Facebook groups, Facebook events, Facebook fan pages, Facebook ads, plus the ultra-powerful "bald man bump" to increase webinar attendance by as much as 50 percent

"You Brought Out the Best in Us!"

You guys were absolutely amazing yesterday in your ability to keep the webinars fresh throughout the day. There was no drop off in your energy or enthusiasm from 8am to 6pm. You brought out the best in us!

John Davis
Long Beach, California, USA

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Quick-Start Bonus #1:
Webinar Starter Kit

Instant Delivery

I want to literally give you everything you need to succeed with webinars starting today. I want to give you all the tools, templates, and resources that you'll use to hit the ground running. You'll also refer back to these guides time and time again...

You get access to Webinar Starter Kit immediately, and it comes with:

  • 99-Point Webinar Checklist (everything you need for classes, sales letters, replays, and more)
  • Paper Template Express (sales letter template for your webinar replays)
  • Video Player Plugin (place videos on your web pages and membership sites)
  • PowerPoint Templates (5 different designs to use for your webinars)
  • PowerPoint Crash Course (1-hour training on how to use PowerPoint to present on a webinar)

As you can see, this bonus alone contains about 5 products in one, and we were considering selling it on its own for at least 400 dollars, but it's yours today for free as our personal "thank-you" for joining Webinar Crusher.

"Over 170 Attendees... a Month Ago, I Would Have Said You Were Nuts!

The final 90 minute challenge (which ran about 10 minutes long, thanks for not cutting me short, guys), was a real experience. Over 170 attendees. If you would have told me a month ago I could do something like that, I would have thought you were nuts.

That final webinar was a classic, worth the entire cost of admission alone, especially for those of us whose webinars were critiqued, in my opinion.

Bottom line, whenever Robert runs a webinar course about a subject you're even remotely interested in, don't think twice.

Thanks also to my fellow webinar students who also set excellent examples to follow.

Dennis Becker
Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA


"You Are the Best"

Your "Webinar Crusher" course lays out the step-by-step process to customize PowerPoint, set up dual monitors and use presenter mode. You are the best.

Thank you especially for demonstrating the aftermath method, the "cruise the forums" technique and reminding me of the single best source to find things to use for a product... but only if you do it right!

Your course will help me to revise the powerpoint presentation I was creating for my next video AND do a webinar on it.

Terrie Wurzbacher
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Quick-Start Bonus #2:
Pitch Webinar Library

Instant Delivery

Quick question: How would you like unlimited access to the 96 best pitch webinars Lance and I have ever done, going back several years, even dating back to our earliest and roughest webinars?

Let's say you were pitching a monthly membership site to your own list in your own niche... wouldn't it be great to use our exact PowerPoints and built-in webinar closes and just change them for your needs?

Low-ticket offers, high-ticket offers, software plugins, training courses... you get recordings of everything, most of them come with their original PowerPoint slides, and some even come included with transcripts! You are getting access to literally 96 pitch webinar sessions to dissect as you please.

"Immediately Adds Value to
Side Jobs with My Clients"

I have NEVER been as enthusiastic and committed to doing whatever it takes to get experienced in webinars, as I am now.

Now I am adding value to existing clients, collaborating with web designers, doing superior tech support with Camtasia recordings.

The first "A-ha" moment for me was now that I had a quality headset I'd immediately add value to what I do as a "side job" for clients by recording with free Camtasia as I was fixing their computers, programming in PHP/MySQL, normalizing databases, cleaning up spyware, etc. Every client gets a video. Every time.

Nice being in class with y'all.

Best of success on your final training webinar and in life!

Thanks so much for the awesome training Robert and Lance!

Jim Fridenmaker
Portsmouth, Ohio, USA


"I Know How to Record Webinars
and I'm No Longer Afraid"

I am very grateful for you and Robert for doing this series.

I have held many webinars and I have never recorded one until now. SO this was a biggey! I have also done all of my video recording before my webinars so that they would be perfect and I would not have any issues. I spend a long time editing them and making sure that there are no mistakes!

I now know how to record them and will not be so afraid to tackle it. I have a webinar on Tuesday night and I will be recording it at the same time.

Joyce Jagger
Doraville, Georgia, USA

"I Learned Something from Each Webinar...
It's Quite Fun!"

Just wanted to say I loved this class and it was great to get to know everyone a little through their live webinars! Amazing to see so many different niches.

I was able to attend about 5 of the webinars today.

It was great to see all the different topics and different styles. I will say that I learned something from everyone I watched.

Looking forward to seeing how the 90 minutes one go. I can't believe we have gone from a 20 min. audio to a 90 min. live webinar!

Now that I know I can do it, its quite fun.

Thanks again,

Richard Dietz
La Vierna, Texas, USA

If You're Ready To Finally Claim The Lifestyle You Deserve
And Use Webinars To Change Your Life & Business Forever
(Like I Did)...

Then Now Is The Time To
Claim Your Rightful Place In The
Webinar Crusher Course
Today, Right Now!

If there's anything close to an all-in-one tool for Rapid Product Creation, High-Ticket Recurring Coaching Income, a Selling Tool That Out-Converts Anything Else, a List Builder that never gets tired, and an Automatic Relationship Builder, this is it!

Seriously, whether you're an experienced internet marketing veteran who wants a quick and powerful boost to your existing business, or you're an absolute newbie who hasn't made a dollar online...

  • WEBINARS are the reason I quit my cubicle job forever...
  • WEBINARS are the reason I can think of an idea for a $997 class on Monday, and be collecting sales on Wednesday...
  • WEBINARS are the reason I can close 50 new customers into a $1000 per month recurring income stream out of thin air...
  • WEBINARS could be the difference between decreasing or increasing your income this year
  • WEBINARS could make things like list building, product creation, and online sales easier for you than anyone else
  • WEBINARS could be the reason you never "work" a day in your life again

Join right now, before your competitors do, and you'll be glad you did.

"Such Growth in Four Weeks...
They Push You to Get It Done!"

To all my classmates,

Thanks for putting it out there. Such growth in 4 weeks... 🙂

Lance has The Gift for real Communication. Robert is the PusherMan.

No, not a pimpin' Drug Kingpin! He PUSHES you to GET IT DONE!

Thanks for you, being you, Robert Plank... this was a great Learning, and DOING Experience!

God-Speed and God's Blessings to You All,

Your Friend in Texas,
Dr. Michael Quadlander
New Braunfels, Texas, USA

"Webinar Crusher" Training: 4 Sessions
Module #1: 20-Minute Review Product
Instant Digital Delivery
Module #2: 60-Minute Product Launch
Instant Digital Delivery
Module #3: 4-Week Class
Instant Digital Delivery
Module #4: Evergreen Traffic
Instant Digital Delivery
"Webinar Crusher" Bonuses
Quick-Start Bonus #1: Webinar Starter Kit (includes Paper Template Express, Video Player Plugin, PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Crash Course, 99-Point Webinar Checklist) $497.00
Quick-Start Bonus #2: Pitch Webinar Library (all our PowerPoints, swipe files, and video recordings of hundreds of our sales webinars) $2,497.00
Included with "Webinar Crusher"
Challenges: easy assignment after each session $997.00
Recordings: replay any lesson anytime $597.00
Transcripts: view or print anytime $497.00
Community: ability to ask questions or discuss with other members $997.00
Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day forever $997.00
Total Real World Value Today:

That's right... $10,658.00 is a great value for everything we're offering you.

The Good News Is,
You're Not Going To Pay $9,067.00

Your Price Today:

Priority "Webinar Crusher"
Order Acceptance Form

YES! I want the strategies that to build a complete web business using webinars.

  • I understand I will be billed today to receive immediate access to the "Webinar Crusher" membership site
  • I will receive all recordings listed here to setup my online business FAST.
  • I can get my money back anytime within 30 days with no questions asked whatsoever.

"Webinar Crusher 5.0" Option

Instant Delivery: Webinar Crusher (all modules)

$297 today
No Further Payments
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

P.S. Webinar Crusher is an online home study course. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the training videos in the next few minutes.

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